Canada’s Bilingual Economic Edge: Know the Facts

Bilingual businesses and workers are already making a difference for the Canadian economy.

According to the Conference Board of Canada:

The contribution of bilingual Canadians outside Quebec to Canada’s gross domestic product represents $134.8 billion;

Bilingualism generates $3 billion annually in exports for Quebec and New Brunswick, $2 billion of which are directly linked to knowledge of French.

The bilingual workforce outside Quebec represents 10% of Canada’s GDP. The 430 000 French-language businesses in Canada (including 70 000 not located in Quebec) generate some $130 billion in economic activity.

The world is becoming more Francophone.

By 2022, increased trade with the European Union – where the second most spoken language is French – should yield an additional $324M in exports.

The Organisation internationale de la Francophonie is forecasting that in 2050, over 715 million people will speak French worldwide.

Canada’s two official languages are a major economic asset in a world market where French is one of the most commonly spoken languages.